Sunday, 18 November 2018


Shoo! - shoo!

Away you go. Away from my produce you filthy chicken. Ruthless, never minding the hard work I put in to grow these tiny crops. Two weeks ago I was struck by inspiration, woke up early one morning to grow some crops. And that was managu. There was one ageing managu which had given up so many fruits (which had seeds) and I thought rather than letting them rot,  let me practice some agriculture. Crazy enough I planted a whole fruit like a single seed (A single fruit has like a hundred seeds) now the seedlings are clustered like a bunch of miraa. I try to water them every morning and shoo away the chicken because they like scratching especially on freshly turned soil.

That's my morning atleast everyday. The same routine. It's like clock work. Days don't seem to be moving fast enough. Nights seem to be shorter, I need more sleep. That's what I seem to be doing alot nowadays.

Enough about me. Lets talk about humanity. Its fascinating how knowledge varies from one person to another. How we exist. How we survive in a lifetime.  How we vary in character and how we differ financially. No absolute balance in all aspects but a divine balance is mantained. What I mean is,  people,  communities even countries are not the same; some are rich others poor and some have more power than others,  but that is how balance is achieved.  Don't look at me,  I too don't know why it so. 

Imagine a world where everyone was rich. Order would be lost. I want to think it's a default order that the world is set on. When you try and customize the settings you cause a disruption in the order thus the rich steal from the poor to stay richer and a country is pumelled with bigger and bigger debts. Sound farmiliar?

Then there are choices. People grow or suffer from the choices they make. Never mistake to point fingers when put in charge and something goes wrong. With great power comes great responsibility. 

It is raining. Heavily. Chaotic runs have ensued to secure shelter. Mostly to the closest shop-verandah. A friend once told me that if you want to know how fast a person can run,  wait till rain catches them on the road. 

A drunk guy walks in. Rain has not spared him. He mumbles something, I assume he's asking if the sit beside me is taken.  I nod and he gladly takes it. He reeks of illicit brew. The mint he is vigorously chewing is  barely concealing the smell. He stretches his hand to greet but I counter this with a fist bump (I didn't know where his hands had been) 

We sit quitely for a while then he tries to start a conversation but the rain is too loud, I nod in pretence that I understood whatever he was blubbering. I finally catch a sentence;

Unajua mimi nina 52 years old?

I say . . .

Mi nina 50!

He laughs and gives me a gentle push on the shoulder like we are besties.

Wewe una 24! 

I was surprised with the accuracy. I thought I could fool his drunk self.

I take out my phone to scroll on something and ignore him but he is relentless. He keeps on mumbling and everytime at my face. It is annoying. I decide to engage him now that he won't stop. He gives advice.

Never lay a hand on your wife.

I say okay. Then curiously ask;

what should one do instead, when the wife wrongs them?

He says ; nothing!

The he demonstrates by sitting back on the chair and crossing his arms. 
He springs up again and says. If you send her away,  will you marry another?  I shake my head. Then he taps my chest and concludes;  never send her away. 

The clouds were almost running out of juice, the drops were scarce. My new friend knew it was time to leave so he stood up. Stretched out his hand to bid me goodbye I send out a fist but this time he wouldn't take that nonesense. He undid my fist into a handshake. Then the wierdest thing happened, he held his balls with one hand and danced (rather, swayed from side to side)  then he tried to kiss my hand. I slid it out quickly before he could. He walked away without another word. I quickly scanned the room to see if anyone noticed. Thank God no one did. I felt dirty. Disgusted.  Why would he do that? It was the gay-most thing any man has ever done to me (Apart from the wierd acquaintances who place their hands on your shoulder or thigh amid a conversation for too long that it becomes uncomfortable)

Gambling has become an addictive choice for many youth. Why? That's simple; unemployment. I recently learnt, to others it has become a better option. There was this guy I met at a gambling parlour. Parlour sounds too fancy though. The place is wretched. A hub for boda-boda guys.
The place had three gambling machines that swallow coins. They are caged for security reasons. On the floor snaked a white power extension, the type that would blow a fuse if used it to power an iron box. It powered the machines. Adjascent to the wall were two plastic chairs, one was three legged. The floor was dusty. This is where after at-least two succesful runs, a boda-guy comes to try his luck.

Eeer . . . I wasn't gambling by the way. I happened to pass by the way. 

Curiously I asked a guy why waste all your money here when you can save or do something better with the cash rather than gambling it away.
He is the kind of guy that talks at volume 99. Maybe to prove a point or just to make sure everyone is listening to the genius ideas he's blubbering.  So he says its better for him to waste his money on gambling rather than on prostitutes or alcohol. He makes me help him calculate how much a prostitute would cost.

Lodging ni mia tano na you can't stay hungry lets say food itakuwa mia tatu, then services maybe elfu moja,  haya hio ni ngapi?

I say almost two thausand shillings.

You see. And all I have to spend on a daily gamble is only two hundred which sometimes wins me back up to a thousand bob.

I liked his wisdom. I figured that if gambling wasn't a thing yet. This guy would probably be doing harlots and alot of drinking. So the choice to him was the best. Moral and fruitful.

I choose to be free. Like birds. Not chicken. Like a hawk up in the sky floating along the horizon. And with good vision and deadly claws. With freedom, I get enough room to see the vast earth beneath me and once I spot a lurking opportunity I shoot down like stray debris in contact with gravity, open up my claws and in a split-second I grab it and fly back to enjoy my freedom.