Thursday, 1 November 2018

Not Now. . .

Procrastination is the greatest inhibitor of progress. But when did it become a problem? I trace it back to-not so far just after I had transited from my teenage years. I used to be the type of guy who does things a day before or an hour before. Then became the guy who always comes late. But is it a problem I have Or it's just a Kenyan syndrome? Well there is normal time and there is Kenyan time. In Kenya you don't go to a party until it's close to midnight lest you'll be an early bird. I learnt that the hard way. As I grew up I got so many disappointments with people showing up late to meet-ups or never showing up at all. This caused me to grow a thick skin and slowly evolve into the system. Also it just happens that cool people are the ones who show up late in meetings. So I became cooler, I guess.

Then came the alarms. From simply snoozing the alarms, to dismissing them before they ring. Waking up 15minutes to time.  But you know us men. We can get ready in seconds.

You see beggars on the streets daily. Tirelessly begging. Maybe they have a target. Maybe they wish to collect five hundred today. It has become a hustle for them and they are engulfed in it, thus blinded they cannot see any way out if it. They don't see any other way to make a living. They brush away any thought involving hard toils to make bread. They have accepted that begging is their way of life. Some may have more than a decade experience in begging. Call them begxperts (see what I did there).
You always wonder why cant they find something productive to do, I mean the got both hands and legs? It annoys you so you don't spare some loose change. You walk past them so focused on where you are going but in your mind you are shouting, Please don't touch me! Terrified you might contract a disease.
In any case, I know they have dreams (everyone has dreams). Dreams they don't think of because they only need live for the day and hope tomorrow will be a fruitful day. So for them it's not procrastination but a relinquish.

I met a middle aged woman with child pressed on her chest. She looked tired and stressed. She spoke in Luo so fast like she was singing. I couldn't comprehend so I politely said

"sema kwa kiswahili" 

Then she sang again

"mtoto sijakula tangu jana na sina pesa, naomba kitu kidogo ata ninulie yeye maziwa"

I had a twenty bob. Only. Supposed to finance the rest of my day. Now a child is hungry. So like the good Christian that I am I followed what the bible says. Love yourself. And walked away. He-he. I couldn't let a child starve. I gave her the coin. Two days later, I took the same route. It was early, not so many people were on the path. Very tall grass grew on a field on it's left side, the kind you could start a hay business with. On the right an old public primary school resided. It's toilets were close to the fence thus by the roadside. They deprived a passer fresh air for a good ten seconds. 
There she was again,  doing what I now assume was her daily duty. Scamming. I gathered she could be a house-help. Using the child of the family she served as her ticket to one's heart. Oblivious of the fact that she had already victimized me. She sang. 

For the longest time now I have wanted to start a podcast. Procrastination has been my friend. But I don't blame it, because the real reason I never tried doing a podcast has been lack of content. Ideas to talk about. Come to think of it. The field of arts are the involves toughest tasks. Lots of thinking. Okay I'll include business and medicine. Sh*t all kind of jobs that need you to think, are so damn hard. A carpenter for instance, cuts up wood and curves it to make tables chairs et cetera. At the end of the day his muscles will be tired (or her muscles because nowadays women do everything. Recently I was surprised to see lady-bodaboda). However when the brain gets tired the whole body gets worn out, not just your muscles. You stop thinking. You hang like an old desktop computer with an overworked fan.  

The other day I was sited beside two old, well not that old,  men enjoying retirement  on the verandah of a shop one of them owned. One a former high-school principal,  the other businessman. They were chatting and laughing hysterically at ancient jokes they each tried to make. A former cook to the principal's school was really contented to see him. He also joined in to throw a banter or two to the ongoing conversation. 

"Nlikuwa nasema - line inyoroke kama nyoka- kabla nianze kupea hao wanafunzi chakula." 

What caught my attention though was his love for boxing. He always wanted to be one but procrastination became his best friend and lover. They used to go out. Soon after,  they got married and had little babies who they named postpone. Now old age had caught up and he could no longer do it. After his job as a cook,  he became a fitness instructor in a gym. He was well built. When the principal commented about his fitness he dodged and swung side to side flaunting his prowess in the act. The business guy was impressed, he recommended him to start a boxing training program for young boys in town. It would be a way of reliving his dream. He thought it was a great idea. I hope he does implement it. Because achieving a dream gives one the utmost bliss. 

My wildest dream is to inspire a soul. Or maybe two. Lets just say a whole village. Inspire them to greatness. It would fill my heart with joy (and eyes with tears) if someone walked up to me and says Marvin,  you inspired me. I wouldn't be what I am today without you.

The best way to counter procrastination is to stop thinking about doing a task and just do it. (like the NIKE slogan says) The more you think about it, the less likely you'll actually do it. Start and generate the push to  complete the task. 

If you are capable of doing something but you keep on foregoing it, si hiyo ni Krimino!? Wake up, get up and do it. It won't only build your self esteem but it will make people around you happy. Keep in mind that every time you say "Not Now" you are inhibiting self prosperity.

Happy New month guys!